Cultural economy advisors providing select services primarily to sophisticated individuals, family offices, private banks, investment banks, wealth managers, and sovereign governments.

We combine facts, common sense, and the rigor of academic research discipline to provide solutions for alternative asset management issues where art is a component.


Assisting High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) through the origination and closure of market-moving transactions involving mid- to top-tier artists traded across international markets, or active on the secondary market, with considerable financial margin appropriate for an alternative asset portfolio mix.


Helping asset and wealth managers, banks, and institutional art market players across sectors navigate the broad and complex cultural economies, particularly with a focus on leveraging the financial component of art.


Utilizing our knowledge of regional nuances across socio-political demographics or internal diversity in the design of public fiscal strategies for national governments or municipal authorities on capital allocation for cultural infrastructure and management of national art assets to drive economic growth.

Please be aware that our advisory practice is designed for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), institutions, and sovereign states, and may not be suitable for many individual investors, collectors, and art market participants. We work mainly on long-term basis. See important disclosure for more information.